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Licensed and insured we offer luggage storage including pick up and drop off.
$28.00 for 2 carry-on size bags.
If more than 2 carry-on size bags add $9.00 per additional bag.
$28.00 per Oversized item (Skies, surfboards ect.).
Transfers to & from Fort Lauderdale has a flat fee of $25.00.
Overnight storage fee per day is $15.00

We welcome all requests so scroll down to the bottom and send us a message.


Don’t let a bag be the drag of your day…
leave it with us and enjoy your stay


Our team of professionals can pick up your luggage from any location throughout Miami-Dade and Broward, Fort Lauderdale including:

• Miami International Airport
• Fort Lauderdale Airport
• Port of Miami
• Miami Area Hotels
• Broward Area Hotels
• Vacation Rentals
• Hospitality Establishments


Luggage Pick-Up, Storage & Delivery

Ship Ports
Vacation Rentals

About BagBoys

Your Complete Luggage Storage Solution throughout Miami-Dade and Broward, Fort Lauderdale

Okay, so now here is a little information about the boys behind the product. Back in 2010 a flight instructor and a student was paired up for training at a local flight school. Two people not knowing each other from “Adam” putting not only trust but also their lives in each others hands. A friendship was developed and with both of us having a background in customer service we are sharing the same mindset when it comes to how to provide the best service.
In our professional career we are commercial pilots and we are bringing people and their luggage safely from one place to another on a daily basis.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should choose BagBoys:


• Reliable Pickup and Drop Off Service

• Convenient Access to Airports, Seaports and Hotels

• Secure Luggage Storage

• 24/7 Service


Our business is your convenience. Because we are a 24-hour service, we can handle pick-ups and drop-offs anytime you need us, whether you have a red-eye flight or have plenty of downtime between check-in and check-out.
For the best solution for luggage storage service turn to the team at BagBoys today.

We Have You Covered

Bagboys has a 100% “On Time” performance since the beginning. It is a result we can only achieve and maintain because of our customers.
Our customers are exceptional in advising us exact time and location and stays in close communication with us at the time of the pick up and drop off.
We say Thank You to all of our customers for assisting us in being successful.

Travel In Complete Style & Convenience

You’ve made all of your travel plans and arrangements. But there’s one important thing you may have forgotten. What are you going to do with your luggage and personal items? If you fly in to Miami for a cruise, you may experience a time conflict with hotel check-in times.
Instead of hauling heavy bags everywhere you go, let us take care of your personal items. BagBoys offers the most comprehensive luggage storage service throughout Miami-Dade and Broward, Fort Lauderdale.
Our team can pick up your luggage, provide secure storage and then deliver it to your destination.

• Luggage Pick-Up
• Luggage Storage
• Luggage Drop-Off

Unlike other luggage storage services, we can pick up your bags at the port or any location in Miami-dade and Broward, Fort Lauderdale and deliver it to you at the airport.

Instead of lugging your bags everywhere, spend more time having fun in the sun. Turn to the professionals at Bagboys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Does BagBoys Offer?

At BagBoys we specialize in LUGGAGE PICKUP/STORAGE/DROPOFF, call us from anywhere throughout Florida and we will come to you and provide you with exceptional luggage storage.

In Which Areas Do You Provide Your Services?

Currently we offer service throughout Florida.

Do You Offer Your Services at the Airports

YES! We offer pickup and drop off throughout Florida. Please be advised an additional fee of $6.00 will be added to your total for all airport drop-offs.

Do You Offer Your Services at Sea Ports?

YES! We offer pickup and drop-off at any Sea Port throughout Florida. It doesn’t matter where throughout Florida you are call us we will come to you, store your bags, and then let us know where you want them and that’s where we will drop them off.

Can We Change Our Drop-Off Location?

YES, of course. If you wish to change your drop off location, we ask that you let us know 45min in advance. Traffic throughout Florida can be pretty hectic at times so we need advance notice in order to plan ahead and still keep up with all of our other customers.

What are BagBoys Hours of Operation?

At BAGBOYS we run a 24-hour operation

Does BagBoys Offer Group Rates?

Yes, we do! For large groups give us a call, text, email us, reach us however is most convenient for you so we may offer you the best rates for your group.

Does BagBoys Offer Long-Term Storage?

Yes, we do! Reach out to us for more details on long term storage and to get our best rates for all your long term storage needs.

What If I (customer) Have a Flight? Do You Guarantee On Time Drop-Off at the Airport?

As long as you are there on time you can count on us being there on time. As pilots no one knows the importance of on time performance and luggage like we do. Using our experience attained from the world of aviation we have developed a logistical plan of attack that’ll allow us to get our customers their luggage on time all while providing you with excellent customer service.

What If I (customer) Am Running Late?

We will do everything in our power to wait and make sure you get your luggage, the customer must understand that we can’t wait around forever and jeopardize offering another customer a positive experience. We ask that you maintain communication and keep us updated with your arrival time at the drop-off location.

Is Our Luggage Safe with the BagBoys?

Your luggage is safe with us; we will take care of your bags better than you would. As a licensed and insured business it is our duty and responsibility to deliver exceptional customer service and an overall service that will keep you coming back to us for all your luggage services.


  • Very grateful to have stumbled upon BagBoys. I had a full day to spend in Miami between my cruise and flight, and didn’t want to drag my luggage around the beach with me, but had no safe place to store it. The BagBoys team was great to deal with and my husband and I got to truly enjoy Miami!
    Fiona Morgan – Toledo, OH
  • These guys are the best! This is such a convenient service and really allowed me to enjoy the time I had in Miami before my flight after a cruise. I wish they had this service in every city!
    Sarah N. – NYC, NY
  • Worth it! Sitting in an airport with a huge layover can be a nightmare with my kids but a gate agent told us about this service. It allowed us to get out and enjoy Miami as a family instead of lugging our bags around or being stuck in the airport. Really a blessing! Marsha G. – Lansdale, PA

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simply fill out the form below and we will reach out to you within 24hrs.

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An iFly company that specializes in luggage pick-up, storage and drop-off.

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